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How Do You Improve On Perfection?

Article: TOC 2011: Making Better Apps

Source: Publishing Trends

URL: http://www.publishingtrends.com/2011/02/toc-2011-making-better-apps/

I would just like to say that they stated toddlers as a challenge, which just made this article for me. Although, you can compare digital users to toddlers in the sense that they want everything now, “Users want more functionality, they want it now, they want it cheaper, they want it on all platforms.” All we do is want, and the publishing industry has the (fun?) challenge of keeping up with our demands.

One of the issues that face publishers is the lack of money they can put into marketing their apps. You could spend a lot of money making an amazing app, but they app world is so saturated with different apps, yours might get lost in the digital translation. Not every publisher has the dollars to put towards app marketing, seeing as apps aren’t the most prevalent way of making money from a book.

I did like the fact that they pointed out how much nicer and faster it is to gain user feedback and implement it when using technology, “…the company developed its AutoPlay feature after consumers kept complaining that when they read the book apps with toddlers, the kids kept touching the screen and accidentally hitting the “Return” button, which would start the book all over again.” The speed in which you can make changes to technology is definitely a positive.